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Welcome To La Petite Academy

Our Kamasandra Village (Bangalore) Centre

La Petite Academy in Kamasandra Village (Bangalore) is born out of the passion of Mr. Sebastian John Paul.K to provide children with a holistic learning experience underpinned by La Petite Academy state-of-the-art facility, by greatly child-affectionate classrooms and play areas, by experienced and thoughtful teachers, by a well-founded curriculum and through cutting-edge digital resources that is in harmony with the curriculum and is implemented to strengthen classroom concept learning with Montessori activities done in their Montessori home in Kamasandra Village(Bangalore) . Our teaching methodology emphasises social and academic development that is achieved through our enthralling curriculum that motivates children to love and enjoy learning.


Our Team of Teachers At Kamasandra Village (Bangalore) Centre

Kindergarten school in Kamasandra Village

Our team at La Petite Academy Kamasandra Village (Bangalore) is consisting of Head of Centre for overall management, Montessori Trained teachers for all levels by giving teachers training in Kamasandra Village. Our team in our preschool in Kamasandra Village also consists of well instructed, attentive and caring attendants. The entire team has gone through the Professional Development Program and is prepared to not only take care of the precious children but also provide them with the opportunities to express their joy and support their development and learning



Our Academic partnership with Bright Kid Montessori House

preschool in Kamasandra Village

Our preschool La Petite Academy has an academic partnership with the well known Bright Kid Montessori House which has a long standing 10 years of experience in imparting early childhood education and has developed more than 10,000 children, following the Montessori pedagogy. Besides having a long standing reputation, Bright Kid Montessori House has an ISO 9001:2008 certified Montessori Teachers Training course. It also has an own Vedic math course, MathsUp, effectively developed by an IIT alumni. Our relationship with Bright Kid Montessori House, also enables us to hold practical classes for the teachers training program and mainly enables us to concentrate on imparting the best educational learning and journey for young minds.



Our Facilities At Kamasandra Village (Bangalore) Centre

preschool in Kamasandra Village
Daycare in Kamasandra Village
Montessori in Kamasandra Village
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La Petite Academy in Kamasandra Village (Bangalore) is a big safe and secured infrastructure. Our facility is designed keeping in mind little children's desire to always be around all kinds of kid's and baby play gears. Our facility is a world for children.
  • A beautiful safe and secure play area with bird cage, fishes and white rats to connect kids with nature"
  • A large indoor gross motor space with soft-mated flooring. Our large indoor play area has riding toys, climbers and slides and other play equipment’s, keeping in mind to facilitate the children’s motor skills and eye and hand coordination. Our resources and equipment’s are selected carefully in order to inspire the children’s creativity and learning.
  • Large open classrooms for all levels in our preschool in Kamasandra Village.
  • Our open and large classrooms are furnished with customised furniture for small children which are colourful, attractive and a perfect fit for young children. The furnishings and equipment are colourful and have textures that blend harmoniously with other features of the classroom space.
  • There are separate Montessori Activity rooms with smart digital class activity facility and a separate office room for the visitors
  • We have library facility to create interest on books in the mind of kids.
  • Our School is under CCTV Surveillance to make school more scured.


Phone:+91 8147527807
Email: lapetiteacademyindia@gmail.com